Bus Whisky Single Malt | bottle 50cl + tube | 46.0 %

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€ 58,95 (including VAT)

Bus Whisky Single Malt

1 bottle 50cl + tube | 46.0%

Discover the standard work of Bus Whisky: Bus Whisky Single Malt, masterfully distilled in Brabant. A unique single malt assembled from four first fill bourbon barrels and bottled at 46% for a rich, full-bodied taste.This beautiful single malt is also single estate: distilled from sustainably grown malting barley from its ownfarm.

This whiskey exudes craftsmanship, in which each sip reveals a symphony of vanilla, caramel, and soft smoke notes. The careful aging creates a deep, complex taste sensation, perfectly balanced between sweet and powerful. A pure delight for any aficionado and a beautiful reflection of Dutch precision. Bus Whisky Single Malt - an exceptional experience, ideal as a gift or to treasure yourself. Distilled in our magnificent copper still, this first single malt, single cask and single estate whiskey, after three years of aging in first fill bourbon casks, has acquired its distinctive flavor and color.

The bottle is packaged in a Bus Whisky tube with the label's recognizable artwork.

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